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5 digital transformation strategies to navigate in 2023

  1. Dust off your data

  2. Invest in core capabilities

  3. Focus on customer experience

  4. Embed digital into your business DNA

  5. Practice good digital hygiene

Focus on Customer Experience

One way you can build this single customer view is to capitalise on data. Charlotte Joyce, an independent digital transformation consultant, says that loyalty programmes are still an excellent way to collect customer data while making them feel loved and appreciated. 

“Customer loyalty programmes are helping to drive this digital shift – not just for customer experience but for customer retention as well. In this sense, they aren’t just about giving back to your customers, it’s also about getting more back for the business.” 

Provided you have the necessary data, you can start thinking about how you can personalise each touchpoint to drive upsells and increase brand loyalty.

Embed digital in your corporate DNA

Digital transformation is often more about the people than the technology behind it. It’s about how you think about and respond to risks and opportunities.

Joyce observes that resistance to change is the most common reason she sees DX projects fail, so it’s important to have the right talent in place. “Change management is such an underestimated factor in digital transformation and it needs to be a priority,” she says. 

One of her non-tech clients hired a chief technology officer because they realised that digital adoption is an integral part of their business transformation. Other businesses are introducing roles such as a chief experience officer to look at the employee and customer experience, a head of remote to oversee an increasingly distributed workforce and a chief of data to manage the overall data analytics infrastructure. 

Read the full article here featured in Raconteur and the Sunday Times

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