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I've been working in the ever changing digital world for 23 years, building a portfolio of experience alongside organisations such as the United Nations, LV=, Siemens, General Electric. In order to provide expert solutions to help organisations deliver large scale digital projects successfully.

Why work with me?
If you are looking to hire external support, find out a little bit more about myself and how I can help your business meet it's goals and challenges effectively. Let me introduce myself and watch my short video.

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Whether your business spans across the oceans or helps a local community, it's the challenge of delivering projects that truly "make a difference" that excite me. I've worked for and with some big names in a variety of industries, however the same issues are prevalent when delivering any digital project.


My career started out in programming, quickly leading to the management of digital programmes that facilitate the automation of tasks and services. This remains a long term vision of mine. Helping businesses conducting their prime business focus, and less about administration or clunky offline processes. As in today's world, a difficult process can often be resolved by creating simple digital solutions.


My talents and strengths lie in bringing organisation and structure through my years of project management experience. Allowing me to motivate others to help deliver a change. Working with your vision on a business or digital strategy, whilst adding value outside of simple project management...with what it really is, strong people management.


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10 years ago, I set out on my own journey to become an independent consultant and project manager. Working in a modern environment that encourages the use of remote technology to maximise results and create strong work practices.

Often the thought of working with someone remotely can be seen as different or challenging, however I challenge you to look at the strong benefits to working with remote support. Such as meetings at any time, focused support and an increased awareness of building strong relationships with all stakeholders and team members.


As you can imagine, I'm a strong believer in digitalised processes and communication tools. That not only help encourage the use of trackable interactions and decisions, but allow all team members to remain informed of developments at all times. I've experience implementing and using strong digital communication platforms from multiple CRM systems and production led collaboration tools such as Trello, Slack and Basecamp.


Over the years I have been developing my project management skills through continued learning and development. Basing my processes on a working knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma, with Prince 2 project management training, with implementation of Waterfall, Scrum and Agile processes.


Many can claim to be effective project managers, but only a few have the continued knowledge and passion to deliver projects to a consistently high level. From working across a number of projects, which you can see in the projects section of this site, you will be able to see that I choose my projects wisely, looking to work with partners that are looking to make a difference. I take on any challenge as my own and will become part of any team. I look forward to hopefully working with you.

- Charlotte -


If you have got this far, why not reach out for a no commitment conversation about your challenges. Let's see if we can come up with an ideal solution for your business.

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