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The United Nations Volunteers organisation needed to shift the perception of their organisation, whilst putting procedures in place to ensure their ambitious transformation goals became achievable. They needed a strong delivery team and that's what they received. 



The United Nations Volunteers (UNV) organisation were in need of support to change their reputation within the wider United Nations group and with their volunteers. For a long time they were seen as a "lesser" member which reflected in the volunteers pride of the wonderful projects they deliver.


The challenge was to convince the UNV that I was the person to help facilitate the project with a highly respected UK Agency to deliver amazing and effective solutions to change the perceptions of the UNV.


The UNV are an international not-for-profit organisation who deploy almost 7,000 volunteers across the globe, to advance peace and development in developing, war torn and disaster struck regions.


The first action was to ensure the project could move ahead, providing a detailed and through proposal to ensure that the project was accepted and that the partnership would help deliver on their transformation ambitions.


They had not conducted an effort of this magnitude for over 40 years, with their brand becoming ever more diluted, under-utilises and suffering from mixed messages.


The crux of the planning was to centralise these messages and the approvals. The aim would be to become more reliant on digital communications and delivery. To ensure not only the brand development was undertaken but the awareness of new processes were in place to make this a success.

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Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 10.13.32
Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 10.13.40


The agency responded beautifully, with a simple and effective master brand that ensured success in all countries and languages. Delivering a new logo/tagline, an updated look and feel for their brand communication materials, combined with a brand toolkit to deploy to global teams in the field.


Alongside the UNV, a brand book and a strategic guide were developed to engage senior personnel, helping them to understand and communicate the brand goals, purpose and messaging to volunteers and the other UN department heads. The processes for communications and support the new identity, had been put in place and woven into the wider United Nations Communication materials to place the UNV as a well respected organisation for all to see.


Following the completion of the work, the UNV organisation has also secured several new corporate partners and sponsors. The agency maintained a strong relationship with the UNV working on follow-up projects and the owner invited to speak to the wider UN on several occasions in regards to marketing and future developments.


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