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Siemens UK needed to introduce a digital process for the tools and delivery of their creative briefs. Starting at the point of finding a supplier, negotiation and the effective rollout.

a tower block office of Siemens lit up in an illumnious bright blue light.


The Siemens UK Communications team were looking for a smarter way of managing workloads, project planning and associated tasks to the delivery of creative briefs.


Siemens and I partnered on the delivery of a new digital process of the completion of finding a suitable digital tool and the rollout of this tool across the organisation.

Siemens is a digital pioneer. They partner with their customers to unleash their business potential using energy-efficient, resource-saving technology and digital know how. With 15, 000 employees in the UK. Siemens is the 10th largest software company globally, a fact you might not associate with the brand.


Following the selection of the right tool (Percolate), I was part of the contract negotiation stage process, where my digital project experience enabled the Siemens team to have full confidence in the agreement and to ensure it met their requirements.


Once the agreement was in place, I was able to implement a coordinated approach of planning of the phased scoping of the rollout. This provided huge confidence with 3rd party companies such SaaS, Amazon Web Services hosted digital content and an internal approval process. This was implemented to include PKI encryption and single sign on, ensuring ease to use was not a barrier to the successful roll-out. Overcoming the major issues around data privacy, security and other internal standards were achieved, ensuring we met the overall project success criteria.

As the relationship developed, my responsibility became to encourage stronger relationships between the Siemens business unit and the product team at Percolate. Whilst delivering the product and processes into the IT Global Services organisation. This transition was phased until the necessary point where I was able to ensure that I was able to step away from the project and Siemens were able to run the processes without further interactions.

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The new tool allowed Siemens to gain alignment across their organization, providing visibility into all stages of the marketing campaigns. The tool changed and transformed the way the Siemens UK HQ Communications managed all editorial, content and publishing for internal and external audiences.


Content marketing, managing campaigns and the overall communication strategy externally and internally had literally never looked this good!


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