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Is Digital Transformation just jargon?

Working with many clients in different stages of their digital transformation, leads me into framing with my clients what digital transformation is and what it isn’t. ‘Digital Transformation’ is a buzzword, appearing everywhere, with no clarity on what it is and what it means. This can cripple organisations into action; some are not even able to articulate what is in they are in need of improving.

Before leaping into choosing new systems to implement, first an organisation should think about the maturity of digital skills of your people, this will be a factor in an ability to transform.

Transformation is also about an appetite to change. Motivated staff will wish to drive forward new and improved ways of working, but beware that enforcing it can result in demotivation and changes in the team structure.

The Digital or the Transformation can be misleading or jargon, and is diluting the meaning the more it is mentioned. Put down the ‘transforming posters’ and PR that comes later in the programme, when you have tangible outcomes to demonstrate about change. Unveiling a programme will also create uncertainty amongst staff.

Here’s my top 7 misconceptions in Digital Transformation;

  1. Needs a big budget to start

  2. So many different interpretations of what digital transformation means. This confuses scope and creates fear in what it means

  3. When the transformation project is over, we can all go back to business as usual. Lots of organisations think you can carry on doing what you already do with some new tools in place. Organisations that succeed in transformation are those who can adapt

  4. Customer experience is all that matters

  5. Digital transformation is only for tech companies

  6. It’s a big bang – incorrect, you can approach a transformation in phases with quick wins or smaller stepping-stone projects to form the overall digital transformation programme

  7. It’s about reducing the headcount and workforce

Moving away from these misconceptions and defining what it is for your organisation is what I can help you with. Defining first what digital transformation means, together with stakeholders is a key step. Get in touch if you’d like to chat and work together to form your digital transformation.

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