An opportunity to put in place a digital roadmap for UK car insurance giant LV= and appointing a new digital agency to secure this future.


Following on from a successful short term contract project, I was asked to lead the instruction of hiring a new digital agency to help support the recently appointed Head of Digital. As well as to planning a roadmap for the delivery of an overarching 5 year Digital Strategy.


LV= is a large UK insurer of vehicles, it's challenge is that the insurance industry is becoming more aligned to the car manufacturers themselves and technology brands. LV= is focusing on becoming a flexible business partner for these companies.


The overarching project was to lead business change and the creation of a new technical architecture for work-streams. In order to ensure a 5 year Digital Strategy roadmap was put in place. Along with the required full cost benefit analysis to achieve board level funding approval.


Working with stakeholders across multiple business units, ~60 senior business leaders across 'Claims', 'General Insurance', 'Broker' and 'Service' and their 'executive group'. We are able to roll-out the roadmap effectively and quickly.

This also enabled the establishment of LV='s first co-working space at the HQ offices in Croydon. Allowing teams to share information, status reports and hold regular reviews across multiple channels and departments.


The next challenge was to find a digital agency that was aligned to LV='s new ambitions and processes. So I was delighted to have the  chance to meet with some of the UK's leading agencies. It was essential to ensure that both LV= and the selected agency agreed to a long term relationship to help the processes embed into the culture of both teams.


The roadmap was approved by the board and the outcome was described as...

“a really joined up, thought through road-map and set of capabilities that will allow us to act and deliver a step-change for LV”

The future now enables LV= to look at new channel capabilities, ensuring there is a supporting infrastructure in place. Allowing the development of new and relevant customer experience platforms which will connect all strands of the business.

- Production of a 5 multiyear roadmap for LV='s General Insurance Digital plans
- Technical architecture documented with future proposals
- Full Cost Benefit Analysis and the why behind the strategy proposed
- Appointment of an external digital agency.


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