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An opportunity to put in place a digital roadmap for UK car insurance giant LV= and appointing a new digital agency to secure this future.

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Following on from a successful short term contract project, I was asked to lead the instruction of hiring a new digital agency to help support the recently appointed Head of Digital. As well as to planning a roadmap for the delivery of an overarching 5 year Digital Strategy.


LV= is a large UK insurer of vehicles, it's challenge is that the insurance industry is becoming more aligned to the car manufacturers themselves and technology brands. LV= is focusing on becoming a flexible business partner for these companies.


The overarching project was to lead business change and the creation of a new technical architecture for work-streams. In order to ensure a 5 year Digital Strategy roadmap was put in place. Along with the required full cost benefit analysis to achieve board level funding approval.


Working with stakeholders across multiple business units, ~60 senior business leaders across 'Claims', 'General Insurance', 'Broker' and 'Service' and their 'executive group'. We are able to roll-out the roadmap effectively and quickly.

This also enabled the establishment of LV='s first co-working space at the HQ offices in Croydon. Allowing teams to share information, status reports and hold regular reviews across multiple channels and departments.


The next challenge was to find a digital agency that was aligned to LV='s new ambitions and processes. So I was delighted to have the  chance to meet with some of the UK's leading agencies. It was essential to ensure that both LV= and the selected agency agreed to a long term relationship to help the processes embed into the culture of both teams.

Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 13.12.35
Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 13.10.44
Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 13.11.51
Screenshot 2019-04-12 at 13.10.23


The roadmap was approved by the board and the outcome was described as...

“a really joined up, thought through road-map and set of capabilities that will allow us to act and deliver a step-change for LV”

The future now enables LV= to look at new channel capabilities, ensuring there is a supporting infrastructure in place. Allowing the development of new and relevant customer experience platforms which will connect all strands of the business.

- Production of a 5 multiyear roadmap for LV='s General Insurance Digital plans
- Technical architecture documented with future proposals
- Full Cost Benefit Analysis and the why behind the strategy proposed
- Appointment of an external digital agency.


If you have got this far, why not reach out for a no commitment conversation about your challenges. Let's see if we can come up with an ideal solution for your business.

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