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The Nukanti foundation were challenged by the need to modernised and simplify their online offering. However they needed a very different approach.

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Sometimes help for any organisation can come in many forms. Working in a flexible and supportive way can lead to fantastic results achieved in a short time. With the Nukanti Foundation, they were open to the idea of the creation of a new online presence to help drive e-commerce and donation.


A change that would revolutionalise their existing business model to increase the money received on a daily basis. What they needed was an experienced digital expert that was able to handle the pressures, stresses and quick decision making involved in a 24hr Hackathon.


The Nukanti Foundation was founded in 2008, dedicated to empowering children from world’s most impoverished and heavily conflict-affected cities, towns, and villages. Focusing on regions that most human rights advocates consider among the international community’s forgotten places.


The key to any Hackathon event, resides in the careful planning and the ability to keep those involved excited, engaged and focused on delivering the results required. It is all too often too easy to start and not finish.


The plan was to create a new easily maintained website platform that was accessible to multiple content creators, in a variety of locations, with sometimes only access to mobile devices.


The site needed to handle payment transactions quickly and securely across country borders. Whilst providing confirmations and future contact with users that wanted more information, or that purchased a product. As well as provide the latest news and updates to everyone via the site and easy to publish social tools.

This clean, crisp website would become central to the foundation and pull together a separate website and online shop, into one consistent location. To create an presence that reflected the good work achieved and to give pride to all of those involved.

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The team’s solution made a difference soon after we launched the new site. The new platform is easier for the Nukanti team to maintain via Squarespace.


The charity no longer needed to acquire detailed technical knowledge of 'Joomla'; now they can get started straight away, without training. The introduction of the multi-currency payment system Stripe, with marketing tool MailChimp, helped easily manage payment transactions and send targeted campaigns.


A new website was produced in 24 hours, after 6 years of managing an inadequate site. The IT operation, all the IT capabilities the charity long hoped for were now in place. The creation of the new website took their efforts to the next level, in terms of building a strong online presence and reaching their key targets.


If you have got this far, why not reach out for a no commitment conversation about your challenges. Let's see if we can come up with an ideal solution for your business.

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