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I've had the great opportunity to work completely remotely with a newly formed ambitious Tech Startup to make sure they are planning for the future and their growth.

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An innovative tech startup, Monadd, came to me with their need to create a more structured approach, in order to reach the creation point of a minimal viable product (MVP), in the form of a working prototype.


The team was established and working well, but as they looked to plan for the future, they knew they would need to have processes in place for rapid development and growth.


The flexibility of modern start-ups, means that many of the individuals involved are not physically in the same space. So the use of video conference technology platforms such as Google Hangouts, Zoom and Skype are becoming increasingly important.


This allowed our meetings to be conducted effectively without long journeys, whilst remaining flexible to short notice delays or re-arrangements.

The premise of this project was to ensure the understanding of a "good project plan" was established and agreed across the stakeholders. Allowing them to put their vision at the core of all their practices and future decisions.



The end result was a project plan and task orientated approach, allowing them to work more efficiently together. Presenting a high level roadmap to those all important angel investors.


I can’t you you too much as this point (yet) but they have a fantastic idea that will help UK consumers. What was truly different about this client relationship, was none of us had met in real life (IRL for short) and yet through amazing collaboration tools and tech we were working together seamlessly.


This is a client first for me in my almost 20 year experience and it was a complete joy to work with them both as we could concentrate on the task in hand, and not get bogged down how we were going to work together but what we had to work on.


If you have got this far, why not reach out for a no commitment conversation about your challenges. Let's see if we can come up with an ideal solution for your business.

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